Zeroombra Sognibelli Wall Lamp

Zeroombra Sognibelli Wall Lamp_1

Design Gumdesign

A soft light for sweet dreams… a wall light that recalls the archetypal form of the table lamp resting on a stylised embroidered element. The old bedside tables with embroidered mat and lamp with linen shade are re-created in this modern LED or G9 version which continues to perform the primary functions of a bedside lamp and evokes childhood memories. A bedside lamp designed to provide a light for reading, create a soft atmosphere and support books and objects; this highly versatile lamp can be easily fitted on the wall anywhere in the house.

Aluminium and methacrylate fitting.
Available colors: shining white ,shining black, shining yellow,shining orange and shining violet.
Colors LED: warm white.

ZEROOMBRA is a dynamic new company that has decided to invest and experiment to create new products for the international market, with an industrial approach geared to energy saving. The company offers a series of new lighting products based on the latest LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies which, in addition to guaranteeing lower energy consumption, generate new design objects with high-efficiency lighting suitable for all types of environment. Zeroombra is the brainchild of the Leonardo and Eleonora Battiston brothers, experienced designers who are passionate about their work; the company has involved both well-established and emerging young designers in its projects. Zeroombra represents an alternative way of using light sources which meets the increasing needs and demands of the market and lends itself to an innovative use of lighting equipment, combining additional functions… a new history of light!