Branching Bubble Chandelier 5 Globes

Inspired by natural phenomena, branching chandeliers present the natural molecular structure combine concave-convex glass globes with metal frame. The angle of each joint can be adjusted. Its asymmetrical frame gives the fixture a different appearance from every point in the room. We insist to use decorative brushed electroplating instead of coated painting surface treatment. Cost higher but with higher Anti-corrosion, reflectivity and aesthetics than other manufacturer.

Bathroom Style

Double sinks call for double mirrors. This frees up wall space for extra lighting between the two mirrors that you wouldn’t be able to have with out wall-to-wall mirror. And if you love symmetry, this is the bathroom mirror idea for you.

Kitchen Lighting

Though it’s often dubbed stark and cold, modern design is all about creating clean, open, functional, and calming spaces, with plenty of room for character and personal style.

Kitchen Ideas

The smooth and seamless transition from surface to surface creates a soothing visual flow. This monochromatic and moody set up is perfect in a kitchen with little natural light, as it embraces the existing space and creates cozy and intimate speak-easy effect.

Every piece has a story

“This house is a collection of things we love,” says designer and homeowner Jennifer Vaughn Miller. “Every piece has a story.” The biggest lesson being that vintage furniture and decor is practically made for shabby chic enthusiasts, but antique beds can be a little trickier to work with (they tend to run on the smaller side, for example). So when it comes to decorating a shabby chic bedroom, opt for a contemporary but vintage-inspired bed frame, like this wrought-iron one. It complements the vaulted ceiling while the full, frilly bedskirt warms everything up.

Bedroom Lighting

Loose linens make for an effortlessly chic bed situation while the antique floor mirror and structural pendant light dress things up in this bedroom. When sticking to one neutral color family, be sure to introduce plenty of varying textures for a more robust look.

Drum Pendant Lamp

The drum lamps are a great way to brighten up a room and get plenty of attention in the process. These are a super modern way to decorate a master bedroom and what’s even greater about LED lights is that they will last for a really long time.

Long John Pendant Light

Long John is a stunning pendant light. Featuring brushed brass lampshades attached to an iron frame and hung from the ceiling via stylish leather straps Long John will be the centrepiece of any room.