Bocci 14.26 Upgraded

Bocci 14 series light is a time-proven classic lighting fixtures. Giving way to a central, sculptural installation that involves the entire focus of the room. Filling the space of the room with height, light, and shape. The 14 series pendant is created from a seamed cast glass sphere with a frosted hollow inside that houses a G4 LED light bulb. The specialized design was created to look good alone or in a cluster. The purposeful bubble and imperfections within the cast glass help to produce “a glow reminiscent of small candles floating within spheres of water.” Each of the 14 series pendants are handmade, thus ensuring that every piece produced is completely unique.

Branching Bubble Chandelier 5 Globes

Inspired by natural phenomena, branching chandeliers present the natural molecular structure combine concave-convex glass globes with metal frame. The angle of each joint can be adjusted. Its asymmetrical frame gives the fixture a different appearance from every point in the room. We insist to use decorative brushed electroplating instead of coated painting surface treatment. Cost higher but with higher Anti-corrosion, reflectivity and aesthetics than other manufacturer.

Halo Crystal Chandelier

The steel structure of HALO chandelier is decorated with numerous precisely cut crystals. Every crystal is carefully assembled as small branches, emerging like light beams that would be cover with frost and diffracting the light into thousands of sparkles. Light is not just reflected but also refracted by the ice crystals and may split into colors due to dispersion. The crystals of ice behave like prisms and mirrors. They refract and reflect light between their surfaces, spreading light in many directions.

Axis Chandelier

Axis Chandelier is a functional design with an entertaining spirit. This chandelier has hinged legs encouraging the user to engage with the design, creating new shapes and redirecting light as desired. Combine Axis Chandelier with vintage bulbs bring it better performance and broader application background.

Oh Man Its A Ray Chandelier

Oh Man, It’s A Ray chandelier changes the space with special effects. The work highlights the elegant colours and decorations of wooden in a play of light that creates a bridge between past and present, on the edge of the purest aesthetic emotion.

IKE Suspension Light

Impossibly glamorous and flaunting a contemporary black and gold color, the Ike suspension light is modern lighting at its best. Expertly crafted from steel and aluminium, the Ike suspension light is distinguished by the handing cylinders are connected by a slick metallic framework and stylishly suspended by three barely-there cords.

Bullarum Chandelier

Bullarum Chandelier a series of lighting that resonates emotionally by using glossy, spun metals and delicate glass globes. A perfect example of modern lighting system and handcrafts.

Cherry Bomb Fringe Chandelier Lights

Cherry Bomb Fringe, created for the design gallery Nilufar in Milan. The fixture’s tubular aluminum branches can climb walls (or a ceiling, if you wish) and can be customized in various sizes. Its graceful metal arms — punctuated by handblown glass globes — drip with hundreds of slender aluminum chains that sparkle in the reflected light like sun on ice, or as summer days grow long and languid, like links of Spanish moss tumbling over outstretched boughs.