Cipher Pendant Lam

The Cipher collection is made of hand-blown glass tubes that have been cut with clean, clear lines and with polished champagne-gold finished connections join the parts. Once on, the light enhances the lines on the glass. Simplicity and earnestness in the effect of light. The cipher collection can be configured in various ways.

Ivy Suspension Light

The Ivy light collection is a lighting system that stands for a flexible and graceful lighting object makes you feel grow and embrace the beauty of nature, where it can be unrestrictedly mixed in luminous landscapes that change in step with the space around them. Glass shade color: grey, white and pink. They can be matched at will. Please contact customer service for color options.

Clamp Pendant Light

A vintage industrial clamps from manufacturers all over the world and plates them in brass. Glass blower master blows molten glass into each one and lets the form naturally slump, making each the Clamp pendant light truly unique.