How to Improve Your Home’s Decor

What is a pendant lamp? A pendant lamp is a type of hanging ceiling lamp that really does looks like a pendant. It provides beauty, form, and function to any room and is generally inexpensive. First, something should be cleared up when it comes to the pendant type light; it is often confused with chandeliers but is not the same thing. Although they are similar, chandeliers are generally larger and more flamboyant.


It can be easy to overlook pendant lighting as a practical and decorative way of lighting your home. That could be because many of us are accustomed to thinking of home lighting along the lines of the three most popular indoor light fixtures: basic lamps, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, or chandeliers.

A pendant lamp can be used to provide the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent, and is not limited in placement options like other types such as table, desk, or even floor lamps. You can choose from different lamp and mounting styles. Actually, pendants are one of the more versatile of all light fixtures. They can either be a simple highlight or the centerpiece that you revolve the rest of your lighting scheme around. Pendants are mounted to the ceiling and can be placed just about anywhere in a room as long as power is run to them.

The pendant is adjustable depending on what task you are focusing on, so models are often found in functional areas like study rooms and kitchens. Designs are widely varied and can range from contemporary styles to old world, and some designs even contain a ceiling fan. Most models hang by a chain and can feature wicker or rattan shades. Hanging the lamps outdoors is also a popular use because of the flexibility and durability.

There are many different ways a pendant lamp can cast light in a room. The right lighting can add to the overall value of your home and should be kept in mind when developing your lighting design. Don’t forget, a well lighted and nicely decorated home makes it more appeal to potential homebuyers. Another important point is that this style of lighting offers efficiency models that are Energy Star approved!