Botti Chandelier

Delightfull Botti Chandelier_6

The Botti Chandelier will have particular appeal if you are into the richness of big bands. Made from a carbon steel with a shiny brass finish, twentyfour arms radiate outupward, downward and sidewaysfrom a central hub with spots of light that eminate from within the trumpet “bell.” Almost a sound and light show.

Eden Suspension Lamp

Torremato Eden Suspension Lamp

New design perspectives from dual use: Eden is a collection of painted metal lamps consisting of the insertion of two containers which have a double role: for illuminating mechanism and container for flowers pots.
Succulent green plants or flowers or why not herbs for the kitchen! Eden can accommodate any type of plants container for flowers executes  perfectly his  the role, the plants watered staying can be cured and made grow without any problem.
Oasis  that furnishes with taste and strong personality for both residential and contract use, the ispiration of Eden was born from the observation of flower vases,  or suspended within the balconies pergolas: fascinated natural frameworks  are able to create in the lighting world atmospheres from the great scenographic impact.
The light source of Eden, the LED is a choice for its tecnologice characteristics of cold light which doesn’t disturb vegetation. A bringht light that is emitted in a double beam: upward and,  for a game of reflections, down.

Guau Wall Light

Arturo Alvarez Guau Wall Light_2

Design by Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo, 2008.

From Guau: The fascination of the chiaroscuro, light that plays with the observer, charming them, moving, spinning, and creating magnetism full of magic all around. Guau’s indirect light source can be rotated and articulated in a myriad of directions to focus the light where you want it.

Cell Wall Lamp

Cell Wall Lamp_4

A light that mimics cellular growth which can be used in multiple, geometric configurations. Each Cell is made from layers of minutely etched, polished brass filtering light rays to throw a satisfyingly dappled glow casting intricate shadows on walls, floors and ceilings.