Work Lamp

Design House Stockholm Work Lamp_6

Work Lamp is designed by the Swedish design trio Form Us With Love. They have changed the apperance from folksy and flimsy as the traditional construction lamp from the garage and the workshop to a more refined look for the living room. The Work Lamp is made with a thicker wire, improved angles, and more of a long-lasting appearance.

Woods Suspension Light

Arturo Alvarez Woods Suspension Lamp_3


Inspired by the magic of a forest, the light escapes through its majestic trees.  The controlled chaos and the game played by light and shadow gives naturalness, character and a pleasant direct light where required. It adapts to large areas. A product in birch grown in responsibly managed forests, limited but safe enough packaging and an energy saving lighting source complete this concept of sustainability.

Vessel Pendant Light

Decode Vessel Pendant Light

The Vessel pendant lamp is designed specifically to encase the Plumen lamp which ornamentally sits within the shade. Inspired by the ‘ship in a bottle’ idea, the Vessel lamp is ideal in any contemporary setting whether it be dining spaces or bar areas. The blow glass comes in a clear shade or in grey and bronze.

Uxi Pendant Lamp

Arturo Alvarez Uxi Pendant Lamp_2


The Uxi pendant lamp was designed by Arturo Alvarez. The Uxi pendant lamp shows the beauty and warmness of the wood emerging from a sinous shape. Created by a succession of bars composed of laminated board, the light slips away in a subtle form in between.

Twiggy Pendant Lamp

Foscarini Twiggy Pendant Lamp_1

The Twiggy Pendant Light complements both the floor lamp and the desk lamp, made from the same materials and available in the same colour variations. The outer is made from lacquered glass fibre and above and beneath this is mounted an opaque diffuser to avoid glare.

Tropico Ellipse Pendant Light

Foscarini Tropico Ellipse Pendant Lamp

New Tropico Ellipse Pendant Light with a sculptural presence. Composed by elements in thermoplastic resin connected onto metal rings, is available in four versions and two finishes (ice and ivory). On demand optional coloured filters (violet or orange) are available and it can be further customised.

Talo Pendant Light 180

Artemide Talo Pendant Light 150-240_1


Add a contemporary look to the modern office. The Talo Suspension offers excellent fluorescent task lighting over the desk or conference table from diffusers that create indirect as well as direct light.

Tank Suspension Lamp

Established & Sons Tank Suspension Lamp_3

A single profile is repeated 36 times and on a giant scale for dramatic effect. Whilst retaining the strong graphic lines, the use of injection-moulded acrylic allows for a plethora of colour-ways to be developed and an affordable price point to be reached.

Siluet Pendant Lamp

LEDS-C4 Siluet Pendant Lamp_2

An extravagant design object is the Siluet pendant light from Leds C4. With Siluet to achieve both the direct light emerging at the underside of the frame, such as an indirect lighting effect of the top-side light source. The Siluet pendant light is ideal to draw the attention of their visitors on a highlight of the facility. This applies to private as well as the commercial area.

Sombrero 55 Suspension Lamp

Torremato Sombrero 55 Suspension Lamp_2

This internal lamp is named after the typical Mexican hat characterised by a large brim to protect from the sun as it reminds of its shape. The wood, whitened ash is placed at the top of the hat that then opens in a wide and curved brim in cor-ten.
The result is an effect of surfaces and materials that go after each other, an idea of materiality within which light is vibrant.
A contemporary aesthetic code, a minimalistic sign for a lamp that offers a mixture of natural materials like wood and cor-ten despite this one is improved by special paints, that make it extremely suitable to contemporary living.