Agave Oval Pendant Light

Luceplan Agave Oval Pendant Light_2

The Agave Sospensione oval is a pendant lamp radiating an especially beautiful light into every room. The luminaire body consists of transparent methacrylate. A cheerful atmosphere is distributed through the individually selectable coloured filters colouring this luminaire’s rib structure. As the illuminant is enclosed by this rib structure, dazzles and diffusions of the light flow are avoided. The Agave Sospensione oval is adjustable in height.

Cone Light Pendant Large

Tom Dixon Cone Light Pendant Large_2

A series of dramatic lights inspired by the luminosity of the equipment used by professional photographers. The Cone Light incorporates an opalescent acrylic diffuser which softens the standard light bulb to give a light parallel to the qualities of natural day light.


Bell Jar Wood Table Lamp

Bell Jar Wood Table Lamp_2

Add some industrial charm to any home, office or retail space with the Bell Jar Table Lamp. This beautifully rustic lamp has a vintage style socket, cream cloth covered cord hand blown glass dome and an inline switch. It is a great way to show off an exposed fillament Edison style bulb.

Allegro Assai Pendant Light

Foscarini Allegro Assai Pendant Light_7

Design by Atelier Oi, 2009.

Allegretto brings all the wonderful theatricality and magical harmony of the Allegro Project to a smaller, more residential friendly scale. Allegretto is a reference to the sounds emitted when the bars touch. Use for a visual centerpiece in smaller scaled spaces, or as a compliment to the larger Allegro pieces.

Luminator Floor Lamp


Flos Luminator Floor Lamp_2


“Luminator” floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1955. This light was produced by Flos (labeled) in the 1970s. It’s comprised of a khaki-green laquered metal tube and black metal legs and it’s in good condition.

Daddy Longleg Floor Lamp

Frandsen Daddy Longleg Floor Lamp_2

The Daddy Longleg floor lamp balances on its delicate and long legs, topped with a fabric shade. Designed with acrylic top lid on the shade. Stem made of metal. Available in black and white.

Vp Globe Pendant Lamp

Verpan Vp Globe Pendant Lamp_2

This fabulous lamp creates a most interesting lighting effect. The globe is made from transparent acrylic and each lamp has 5 reflectors in hollowed-out aluminium with a lacquered finish, including a chrome canopy.

Panthella Floor Lamp

Louis Poulsen Panthella Floor Lamp_5

Design by Verner Panton, 1971.

One of the more popular Verner Panton designs, the Panthella Floor Lamp provides general, soft and diffused illumination. The slender white, trumpet-like base and milky-white hemispheric opal acrylic shade contribute to a beautiful distribution of light and a well-balanced form. The lighting characteristics make it suitable for providing the space with general illumination, as well as fulfilling the illumination requirements needed for tasks such as reading.

Plus Ceiling Lamp

Vibia Plus Ceiling Lamp_1

Now, after the enormous success of this product, the PLUS range is even wider and definitely creates a new concept in ceiling lights from both an architectonic and decorative point of view. This family, being so articulated, offers a great number of totally new solutions and a new way to illuminate from the ceiling, thus fulfilling specific needs, depending on the space and the environment, maintaining the same architectonic aesthetics and a natural light effect.