Retro Wood Block Table Lamp

Retro Wood Block Table Lamp_2


This uniquely designed multi purpose light is surely going to be a statement piece in your home decoration.

Place it on your working desk or bedside table to give your space a warm atmospheric glow.

Circular Pendant Light

Vibia Circular Pendant Light_3

Design by Oscar and Sergi Devesa.

“Light as seductive mystery…the Circular emits ambient diffused illumination.”
The Circular pendant is provocative in both form and substance. The pendant evokes nature’s sweet geometry of segmented circular.

The impressive scale can easily illuminate large spaces providing a distinctive and sophisticated look. The spherical pendant is frost white polyethylene with a concave bottom diffuser. The form of the diffuser adds to the allure, ingeniously obscuring the energy efficient source while evenly distributing the light. Encasing it is a series of gloss lacquered aluminum ribbons allowing slivers of light to shine through. Refined materials, luxurious finishes, energy efficient light sources and elegant design make Circular an ideal pendant for ambient illumination with stunning visual impact.

Bosca Pendant Light


Marset Bosca Pendant Light_2

The Bosca modern chandelier was designed by Jaime Beriestain. The interesting and innovative combination of materials wood, glass and metal is the distinguishing feature of the Bosca family. Subdued and elegant, this ovalshaped lamp filters the light through opal glass, creating a warm and balanced atmosphere.

Math Ring Chandelier

Kevin Reilly Math Ring Chandelier_2

The chandeliers are crafted using the highest quality and construction standards, together with the innovative, creative touch of Reilly himself. Working with the wax candle, and incorporating a special bulb that does not in any way affect the quality of the wax, it is able to produce beautifully original sources of light that combine old-fashioned romanticism and modern conveniences and features.

Sunset Pendant Light

Ascete Sunset Pendant Light_4

Sunset is a beautiful lamp, full of charm, finesse and wonderfully poetic. This cage is a romantic concept, it encloses a light but its radiance shine through the bars.You can easily find your happiness through its wide range of finishes, golden cage for a sensual red shade or deep black with precious gold inside … Sunset is alighting design to own!

Tatou S1 Pendant Light

Flos Tatou S1 Pendant Light_7

Design by Patricia Urquiola, 2011

The Tatou S1 Pendant Light is composed of an external polycarbonate diffuser with an injected printed opal polycarbonate internal diffuser. Available in black, white or bronze finishes.

Allegro Vivace Pendant Light

Foscarini Allegro Vivace Pendant Light_7

Design by Atelier Oi, 2007.
A group of lines that create an elegant, fascinating symphony in a suspended, almost magical equilibrium and give life to a new lamp designed to feature in large public and private spaces. Aluminum elements flow and combine together to give the suspension a light, bodiless effect.

Qua Light

Foscarini Qua Ceiling Light_2

The Qua Wall series is available in two different sizes. The wall lamp has an internal support in lacquered metal and a blown satin glass diffuser, white inside and a colored outside. Designed by Prospere Rasulo.