Anta Leuchten Afra

Anta Afra Floor Light_3

Product: Afra
Manufacturer: Anta Leuchten

In its new shape the AFRA as table lamp captivates, same as the floor lamp, by its pure appeal and the crafted made shade. New is as well, the availability in white colour. The shade is inside silver- or golden-coloured coated. A black textile cable and a red pull-switch are completing the lamp.

Bover Muf Table

Bover Muf Table Light_4

Designer: Joana Bover
Manufacturer: Bover

BOVER was created at the end of 1996 as a result of an illusion, an effort and a sensibility to the beautiful and non-temporal things that bring us comfort. Bover manufactures exclusive in Barcelona, having a total control of its production chain and subsequently, of all components delivery terms and its quality.

Innermost Marble Pendant

Innermost Marble Pendant Lamp_2

Design by Christopher LaBrooy
By Innermost

Christopher LaBrooy works directly with materials to develop “useless beautiful objects” which he applies to a specific purpose. The unique design of the Marble Large Pendant light is a fine example of his creative process. Made of synthetic felt and acrylic, it can provide diffused lighting for any interior space. Choice of deep red, black, or natural shade. Synthetic felt and acrylic dome with steel fittings. Includes 5 feet of wire and a 5″D canopy.

Moooi Light Shade Shade

Moooi Light Shade Shade 47 Suspension Lamp_2

Moooi Light Shade Shade
by Jurgen Bey

Light Shade Shade is a one way mirror that reflects its environment as well as concealing the chandelier within. When the light is turned on, the ‘Light Shade Shade’ reveals its unforeseen identity and projects the former beauty that lies within.

Company Overview

Modern Lighting E-commerce Business
As one online companies for modern lighting retail – we are proud of offering our Free catalog with more than 1000 products including the most famous and top brands modern lighting products to you – No matter where in the world you are. Every year we capture the newest design ideas in lighting and follow the latest trends to offer them on our site – Just for you.
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Design & Custom Made
In 2010, We set up our own design studio and lighting factory. With experience now we have launched our own designed lights. We are able to provide you the special lamps you interested in or just send us the pictures/drawings and the information about the lamp data. We will try our best to custom made the lamps for you.

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