Gridlock Pendant Light

Gridlock pendant light is very raw and can be describe as the style of the brutalist movement. Inspiration from building site budding.This pendant creates a very bold impression by its wire drawing body of steel. The grid design but will bring softness light rays after light up.

Aballs Wall Light

The ABALLS is a collection of lamps that combines the world class craftsmanship skills with the traditional artistry of hand blown glass. Piano paint processed steel and blown glass are linked by a polished ring.

Otus Susoension Lamp

Otus Susoension Lamp combines its round body with natural wood and a frosted acrylic shaft. This makes sure you’re satisfied with its lovely glow and keeps the wood and heat of the light protected. This lamp have a floor lamp version with triple wood base.

Mimosa Circle Pendant Lamp

Mimosa Pendant Light make you forget straightforward bulbs in a row and embrace a more natural grouping of lights that seems to reference buds on a spring branch. This chandelier light will surely make a statement. The circle holds 40 opal glass balls, each equipped with a 2W G9 LED. Its structure is made of black powder coated or brushed golden.

Ph 46 Table Light

Multi-piece of lamp shade design let edge can overflow part of the light, and make whole room environment more fusion coordination, avoid a strong light and dark contrast The shade was used the ratio of 3:2:1, each layer will decrease the average light, it was mainly to provide down light. And no matter from any Angle are not see the light source, in order to avoid dazzle stimulate an eye.
This lighting design not only has a very high aesthetic value, but also because it is from the lighting of the scientific principles. Therefore use effect is very good, reflected the distinctive features of industrial design.

Etch Shade Pendant Lamp

Etch is a digitally manufactured pendant inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. Made by employing an industrial process used to produce electronic products, such as circuit boards. The detailed designs are first photo-etched on to brass sheets. Then all unexposed areas are dissolved with acid, creating intricate patterns cut into the metal.
Made from etched matte brass that allows the light to gently filter through and casts intricate shadows.


Cherry Bomb Fringe Chandelier Lights

Cherry Bomb Fringe, created for the design gallery Nilufar in Milan. The fixture’s tubular aluminum branches can climb walls (or a ceiling, if you wish) and can be customized in various sizes. Its graceful metal arms — punctuated by handblown glass globes — drip with hundreds of slender aluminum chains that sparkle in the reflected light like sun on ice, or as summer days grow long and languid, like links of Spanish moss tumbling over outstretched boughs.