Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights’ Each undulation is hand placed for artistic sculptural quality making each one absolutely one-of-a-kind. Hand blown glass shade mimics the organic liquid shape of bubbles and create a stunning ever-changing play of light as the eye moves. Timeless and elegant in any setting.

Antonio Boomerang Suspension Light

The Boomerang pendant light was designed by Luis Eslava. Inspiration came from the movement and sequence of images of a moving boomerang. Soft light shows through the repetition of triangular sections seemingly piled together. Boomerang is constructed of powder coated metal sheets and comes in your choice of red, white or black.

Halo Crystal Chandelier

The steel structure of HALO chandelier is decorated with numerous precisely cut crystals. Every crystal is carefully assembled as small branches, emerging like light beams that would be cover with frost and diffracting the light into thousands of sparkles. Light is not just reflected but also refracted by the ice crystals and may split into colors due to dispersion. The crystals of ice behave like prisms and mirrors. They refract and reflect light between their surfaces, spreading light in many directions.

Lightspring Wall Light

Lightspring Wall Light is a brilliant new wall light that stands out with its super stylish and elegant design. Light Spring is part of a range of wall lights utilizing a timeless and elegant form, integrated with energy efficient LED. Double head and single head can be selected.

Axis Chandelier

Axis Chandelier is a functional design with an entertaining spirit. This chandelier has hinged legs encouraging the user to engage with the design, creating new shapes and redirecting light as desired. Combine Axis Chandelier with vintage bulbs bring it better performance and broader application background.

Captain Suspension Lamp

Captain Lights Family – with a polished metal stem with marble base. This collection explores balance both simple and practical – in any direction. It’s formal and also functional, combining a characteristic aesthetic with a useful purpose. There is a series of lights: table lights, floor lights, suspension lights.

Bocci 73 Pendant Lamp

Bocci 73 Pendant Lamp made by blowing molten glass into a ceramic fabric shell. Each pendant has a distinct, organic appearance and a textured surface that conveys the physical properties of both fabric and glass. A at LED is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece. Each pendant is totally unique in size and shape. The lights are intended to nestle together in groups, creating complex compositions resembling soft clouds.